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Message from Chairlady and Founder, Cindy Norcott


Dear friends of the Robin Hood Foundation


As the year draws to an end on the activities and we reflect on the achievements of the Robin Hood Foundation, I have a sense of excitement about the year that has passed. 2014 has been a fast-paced year seeing us do more than 100 community projects - not bad for an organisation with one staff member, a committee of 8 and a team of about 20 volunteers. The highlight of 2014 was our Climbing for Classrooms Campaign which saw a team of 11 people climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which was followed by the building of the beautiful, modern creche at Zwelibomvu in rural Marianhill. We believe that one creche has planted a seed of hope in a very poor community.

As usual, we have run our various projects, such as Bless a Granny, Love the babies, gogo bags and hope breakfasts. We hosted our annual Celebration of Life party at Ethembeni school for the disabled in September and hosted a fun fair party for 195 disabled children at the Golden gateway school in November. Both parties saw these children having the time of their lives.

At the Robin hood Foundation, we believe that a few people can make a difference and we are expectatnt that 2015 will see our organisation continue to make a difference to people who are poor, hopeless or lonely. We will be celebrating a decade of abundance and I am sure that the abundance we have experienced for ten years will continue. The Robin Hood Foundation is a movement for good that is God-inspired and our mandate is to put goods directly into the hands of the people who need it the most.

We say a big thank you to all our friends, supporters and volunteers for your support in 2014 and we wish you a blessed Christmas and a healthy and happy 2015.


























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Meet Our Team

Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. It is the only thing that ever has.

Kim Jones

"What a honour it is to be part of such a wonderful organisation, a small group of committed and inspiring individuals driven by a great passion to help those less fortunate."



 Love The Babies  Gogo Bags Bless A Granny Child Headed Homes
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